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Guillaume Corbineau, aka Fiscorb • French photographer and graphic designer.

I mainly photograph portraits and bodies, but I also shoot events (wedding, concert, theater, festival, film set…) as well as landscapes, still lifes, or – more technical – packshot.

I am also a graduate in graphic design in France, and more specifically in user interface design in Montreal. I am therefore familiar with software such as Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, or Adobe XD.

My mission

Capture moments, emotion, sensuality, laughter, tears, and great thrills.

You have to have a good time! Tell me about your passions, your projects, your ambitions … there are no bad topics for discussion! At worst I will find one for you. And of course do not deprive yourself to come accompanied if you feel like it!

Do not be photographed for others, but for you!

Never be ashamed of your own body. He never asked to be unloved, on the contrary, the more you cherish him the better he will be and you with! Moreover, it is very common for clients to come for the therapeutic purpose of learning to love their own body.